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An Empowering Discovery

by Kristen Johnson, September 10, 2013

My mom had posted a link on my Facebook page. I followed it and casually scrolled through. Going to the Leadership Training Institute of America conference in Washington, DC, sounded like a great adventure. However, it also seemed like a dream that would never come true. I dismissed the idea as yet another impossible feat to add to my bucket list. Weeks later my pastor brought it up in our conversation. The pastor encouraged me to go, saying that he thought it would be beneficial for me to meet more Christians my age from around the country and to learn from the classes about defending the Christian faith. That was it. I knew the trip would be expensive, and I knew that I was not acquainted with anyone I was going with; but I knew that I had to go. God only had to tell me twice. When making the decision to go to this conference I assumed that I would grow stronger in my faith, but I never expected that my entire Continue Reading