The Leadership Training Institute of America conducts regional conferences and a national conference  in Washington, DC the third full week of June each year. It is a great way to see America’s capitol, develop leadership skills, learn about Biblical apologetics, meet committed Christian students, while having a lot of fun.

LTIA  is a 501(c)3 , not-for-profit, tax exempt, educational  institute offering philosophical, scientific, and religious interdisciplinary perspectives  and applications from a Biblical world view perspective.

Training involves hands on projects, tours, meetings, small group sessions, engaging lectures, museums, mentoring and guided self-evaluation.

Our lectures are often taught with lively, interactive discussion and questions. Topics include:

  • The war of Ideas
  • The current news on ideological warfare
  • How world views are formed
  • How to choose the right world view
  • Grab bag world views
  • World view warfare strategy
  • Four fundamental questions to every world view answered
  • Scientific evidence for the existence of God
  • Evidence for the resurrection and deity of Jesus Christ
  • Evidence for Biblical world view authority
  • The scientific foundation for the creation model
  • Creation evidence for the universe, life, and species
  • Answers for Bible critics
  • The case for Biblical values in a secular culture
  • Defending the Gospel message
  • Humanism, past and present, in education
  • The treachery of humanism exposed
  • Marxism and post-modernism
  • Inside Islam
  • The ideas of men ruling from the grave
  • Martyrdom in the Bible and today
  • Knowing and fulfilling your calling in Christ
  • Qualities of a Biblical world view leader
  • Communication skills

Our inspirational tours of the national monuments and the Capitol are conducted to educate and demonstrate the world view shift over the past 200 plus years. Students are amazed to see early American monuments inscribed with quotes referencing the significance of God in the founding of America and the contemporary monuments void of and even misquoting national heroes to remove all mention of God from the monuments.

Students also meet and talk with national leaders to discuss current issues of the day that are relevant to our Biblical world view perspectives. Advanced students visit national leaders of opposing world views to sharpen their insights and evaluation of world view conflict.

LTIA is developing a world wide network of academic, spiritual, and societal leaders working together through the ministry of their churches to implement a Biblical  world view exhibiting a loving devotion to God, a loving heart for people, a striving for personal excellence in all endeavors, and an influence to defend traditional values morally, intellectually, and socially.

Our Guiding principles

The success and greatness of the American culture can be attributed to its founding principles, namely, Biblical principles. American founders quoted the Bible more often than any other source for designing and implementing government and social success. We believe that Biblical world view principles afford the greatest success and realization of individual pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

We believe that implementation of the Biblical world view begins with personal love for God, which results in a love for others, which in turn leads to social stability and well being.

We believe the Biblical world view is that God desires everyone to be saved and to serve Him through His churches as He directs. Therefore, everyone is expected to serve God in whatever one does and where ever one is found. However, because of personal choice, there is a great rebellion against God and a widespread rejection of His values. This rebellion will continue to grow until God Himself puts it down. None the less, it is a Christian duty to stand up for moral values, for the innocent and helpless, and to resist evil. Government is designed by God for social order. It is not the means whereby the kingdom of God and His great commission are implemented.

However, when opportunity arises, such as protection to freedom of speech in America and government involvement, it is prudent for Christians to engage in social dialogue and to participate in the leadership roles of society. Regardless of the career or social responsibilities whether as missionaries, as housewives, as educators, as journalists, as politicians, or as businessmen; it is the duty of every Christian to implement a Biblical world view. Faithful application of the Biblical world view will necessarily change the world and shape the future.

LTIA  is changing the world and shaping the future with relevant Christian leadership applying a fully integrated Biblical world view.