Immersed in the right world view

I have been involved in college ministry for over thirty years and have experienced the pressure of humanism’s attack. I have seen young people buckle under the weight of unanswered questions. I have seen young people abandon their “blind” faith for a “seeing” science. I have seen young people convert from irrational dogmatism to a reasoned world view. I have seen young people torn between choosing an impractical religion or a humanistic philosophy that offers relevant explanations. I have seen young people discard tradition for practicality, relevance, and reason.

God has burdened my heart to help youth understand the reasons for their faith, to show them the reasonableness of Biblical doctrine and values, to prepare them for the humanistic attack, and to expose the fallacies of humanistic world views. My sponsoring church and pastor as well as other pastors have confirmed that this is a ministry of vital need. Moreover, the response of youth who are trained is overwhelming. Youth and adults alike are benefiting from receiving world view warfare training. I have been encouraged to continue the training.

Though I present world warfare seminars at churches, the national conference of Leadership Training Institute of  America is the week for youth to excel in their training. The influence of youth that attend produces an immediate blessing as they encourage each other with like-mindedness to serve the Lord. This is 24/7 immersion in concentrated, stimulating training; discussion groups; expert speakers; informative, guided tours of the state capitol and monuments; meetings with legislators; and organized recreation and fellowships.

Students learn how to present Biblical answers to humanistic questions; how to reason with the unreasonable; how to give answers for the hope that is in them to questions such as how can we know that God exists, or that Jesus Christ was really resurrected, or that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, or that everything was created by God, or that Biblical morality is relevant for today, etc. Students discover that it is not in their own power or understanding that justifies their faith but in the power and understanding of God. They discover why indoctrination into the Word of God is indoctrination into the thoughts of God and therefore the purest form of good and right thinking. Students get excited as they learn that there are good reasons to believe what they believe and that they have answers for earnest seekers as well as for the antagonistic humanist.

LTIA is for Christians demonstrating leadership potential and desiring to serve the Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help them excel further in their spiritual development and in their influence on others. LTIA is the best one week summer experience a young leader can have.