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Students learn how to answer hard questions from today's skeptics, discover scientific reasons why God must exist, be mentored in leadership qualities, meet world leaders who hold Biblical world view positions, and form life-long friendships — all in the setting of fun tours in Washington, D.C.

Leadership Training Institute of America

National Conference  June 10-17, 2017

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Why You Must Be at LTIA 2017

Learn Biblical Worldview from Christian World Leaders

Learn about Biblical values, purpose, lifestyle, and discipline to be a Christian leader.  One of the biggest benefits of attending is learning how to answer the toughest questions, from a Biblical perspective.  Students will be able to answer questions that people have today including the idea that religion is obsolete and merely a superstition.  After this training, students will have the confidence to answer the toughest questions being asked by even the most skeptical critics of Christianity!

Kyndel Kovach

LTIA inspired me with the opportunities we had to talk to world leaders. It was a once in a lifetime experience! I was able to improve my speaking skills and see firsthand how the world works behind the scenes. I felt like I was actually doing something to help change the world as we talked and influenced the ideas of leaders. I plan to use the information and experience from LTIA to make a difference in my community. This information will benefit me for a lifetime, and I encourage anyone who wants to be a leader to attend.

Kyndel Kovach

Defend Your Faith With Relevant and Effective Answers

Learning to defend the Christian faith is a critical skill.  Many of the issues confronting Christians today are complex.

Students at LTIA will learn Christian apologetics.  We have 4 fundamental questions that we answer (1)  Is there more than a physical world? (2) Is there a God? (3) Is there only one God and who is it? and (4) How does God reveal truth?

Equipped with answers to these foundational questions, students also learn answers for today's issues.  These include abortion, homosexuality, evolution, and many other topics that are before the legislature and the courts.  Faculty members are flown in to teach the students.  Students also learn from speakers at the forefront of the social debate from key organizations in Washington, D.C. like Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation, Concerned Women for America, and Faith in Action.

Pablo Pagliani

LTIA was a life changing experience. Having grown up in Spain, I did not have much of an opportunity to learn about the Biblical worldview. After a week in Washington, D.C., I was ready to share and pass along what I had learned at LTIA. My favorite tour was visiting the National Mall and Memorial Parks. It is so valuable to learn about the Christian foundations from which the USA was established. I think that anyone who wants to learn how to defend their Christian beliefs needs to attend LTIA. The leaders will equip you with fact-based answers to questions like, “Is there a God?” and other fundamental questions that many people ask.

Pablo Pagliani

Benefit from Powerful, Personalized, Immersion Leadership Training

Participants both learn critical leadership skills and work on projects to cultivate those skills via experiential, hands-on, personal and group projects. These include classroom training and projects on Public Speaking, Activism, Personalized Leadership Skills, How to Lobby Your Congressman, and many more.  Each student is paired with a mentor in a small group and receives one-on-one coaching to be more effective in his or her leadership style.

Kaleb Kovach

I learned that a Biblical World View leader must have Biblical goals, purpose, lifestyle, and discipline to be a successful Christian leader. LTIA is one of the greatest learning experiences of my life, and I can’t wait until next year comes so I can go again. I intend to use lessons learned to further the work of Christ in my educational, political, and church community. If you want to make an impact in your community, I encourage you to come to what could be the greatest learning experience of your life, LTIA.

Kaleb Kovach

Build Lasting Friendships with Other Young Christian Leaders

Meet other people like yourself with shared Christian values, goals, and convictions.  Students work on projects in small teams and find time for fun adventures together. Students not only build life-long bonds during the week but also continue to do so through social media including the LTIA Facebook group.  And all graduates are in the LTIA Alumni group which continues to encourage and support one another.

Adriel Hardin

My time at LTIA was filled with a dose of concentrated learning. I had lots of fun and met lots of people. LTIA broadened my understanding and made the training more applicable to me. I shared the LTIA lessons with others, but the personal benefit has been so much more. Being with other students at LTIA, I saw what America’s future can be. If thirty-five men and women can give up a week of their summer for Christian leadership training, then we can change the world. At LTIA, I realized that I am ready to fight the fight for God. I was challenged and prepared to act. Please pray for me and other LTIA students that we will be able to take what we have learned to reach the world for Christ.

Adriel Hardin

Receive Personalized Guided Tours of Washington, D.C.

Inspirational guided tours are arranged for LTIA students to supplement the classroom learning.  These are fun tours of the memorials to great men and women like Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington who founded the United States of America.  We visit the Library of Congress to see important documents like the Guttenburg Bible.  We also have a very special personalized tour of the Capitol  from one of the Senators' staff.  We visit the Holocaust Museum and the famous Smithsonian museums like The Natural Science Museum, and The American History Museum.

Mary Huffman

I really enjoyed my week at LTIA because of being around other Christians striving to serve the Lord. The tours were enjoyable, and the lectures were interesting. Everything we did was very interesting and enjoyable. I appreciate the excellent leadership examples of the staff at LTIA. It was definitely a very excellent week in every way. The Lord has really blessed this week, and I pray that the Lord will help us to apply all we have learned throughout the rest of our lives.

Mary Huffman
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A Typical Day at the Conference and then...Graduation!

Over seven inspired days, you'll have the opportunity to learn, do, tour, connect, and so much more!

The typical day is divided into thirds:

In the morning, we begin with breakfast and a devotional led by one of the LTIA staff.  This is typically followed by 3 inspirational lectures taught by experienced faculty.

After lunch, we are on tours or meeting national leaders – a great time to bring your camera along!

Then we return to our venue for a delicious catered dinner from one of the local restaurants.  Of course, this time is filled with lots of fun, laughter, and sharing of adventures. We also have a PowerPoint presentation of the day's happenings – everything is real-time!

In the evening, we typically work on skill-building projects. We meet with our own small team and are coached by our mentor.

At the end of the week, we hold a fun graduation ceremony where you will receive a diploma and special gifts.  Awards are given to those who are selected by their peers for outstanding leadership qualities.  We also have a special speaker for the graduation.  In the past, our speakers have been national leaders like the Attorney General Edwin Meese, Colonel Ron Ray, and Congressman Asa Hutchinson (now Governor of Arkansas).

Lisa Briney

I had an amazing week at LTIA. I made new friends and loved going on the daily tours around Washington DC. Walking through the Holocaust Museum was a life changing experience that I will never forget. We were given the opportunity to meet and talk with world leaders that I never thought I would meet in real life! Every evening we had small group time which allowed us to talk about what we had learned, ask questions, and debate different ideas. I recommend everyone find time to attend LTIA – you won’t regret it! The networking opportunities and experiences you get in one week are so valuable and have given me more confidence to defend my Biblical worldviews.

Lisa Briney

Meet Our Fantastic Staff!

PATRICK BRINEY, Ph.D., President

DR. GARY McHENRY, Conference Director

PASTOR JIM LOVE, Assistant Director

DR. KEN FRANCIS, Assistant Conference Director


MICHAEL HILL, Tour and Conference Leader

KELLY BILLIGMEIER, Photographer and Group Leader

KLUANE TOZIER, Activity and Group Leader

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Tuition:  $399 tuition covers room and board, speaker fees, all tours, and all student materials.

Additional costs Metro passes are $39 to $49 (must have).  Of course, if you lose your pass, you'll need replacements. (It happens!)

Travel expenses:  Calculate how much you will need to travel to and from Washington, D.C., including souvenirs, gifts, and other miscellaneous expenses:  This is up to you.

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