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Three steps to effective thinking

Do you think there might be more steps to effective thinking? What would you suggest? Do you even agree with step one? 1. The default state for humans is that we are passionate and irrational; we have to consciously choose to be rational and logical. 2. The key to good thinking is metacognition; the ability… Continue Reading

9 Easy Ways to Remember Your Presentation Material

by Bruna Martinuzzi 1. Use the Palace Method Research into brain science has proven that there is a very deep connection between the way we remember an event and the space in which it occurred. 2. Use mind maps Mind maps are diagrams that allow you to lay out all of your presentation material in a… Continue Reading

Unpredictable is no reason to postpone decisions

“The problem is that we simply cannot predict every possible future, yet we behave as if we can.” “Thinking and  creating endless ‘what if’ scenarios doesn’t help you.” “You  can ‘what if’ yourself to death. The only way to know for sure is to  act, reflect on what you have learned and act some more to… Continue Reading

Obama promises Russians after re-election

“Unaware that a microphone was recording him, President Obama asked outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Monday for breathing room until after Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign to negotiate on missile defense.”1 “This is my last election,” Mr. Obama said. “After my election, I have more flexibility.”1 “The two leaders are in Seoul for a nuclear security summit… Continue Reading

America’s Biggest Political Problem

“National recovery depends on rolling back previous leftist victories. That means giving no more gains to the left through compromises, cutting government outlays on “entitlements” and “discretionary” spending, and cutting back both regulations and the legal authority for bureaucrats to impose more regulations. That’s the only way to save the economy, promote growth, and create… Continue Reading

World Government needed to control Climate and Human behavior

In spite of the exposed information scandals and research showing that human contribution to CO2 emissions is insignificant, climate-phobes are still pushing their agenda. Scientific American published an article by Gary Stix March 17, 2012 calling for an effective World Government solution to controlling human behavior of the seven billion people in the world. Social engineering… Continue Reading