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9 Easy Ways to Remember Your Presentation Material

by Bruna Martinuzzi 1. Use the Palace Method Research into brain science has proven that there is a very deep connection between the way we remember an event and the space in which it occurred. 2. Use mind maps Mind maps are diagrams that allow you to lay out all of your presentation material in a… Continue Reading

Unpredictable is no reason to postpone decisions

“The problem is that we simply cannot predict every possible future, yet we behave as if we can.” “Thinking and  creating endless ‘what if’ scenarios doesn’t help you.” “You  can ‘what if’ yourself to death. The only way to know for sure is to  act, reflect on what you have learned and act some more to… Continue Reading

Leadership Lessons

Those who aspire to lead God’s people must first aspire to love. There is a first commandment to obey not because everything else is unimportant but because nothing else is more important. Continue Reading

Tebow spikes hypocritical atheists

Are Tebow’s public prayers hypocrisy? His critics think so, but the Bible does not. Matthew 6:5 warns of praying FOR public attention not for praying IN public. Hypocrites pretend to pray to God but are really praying for personal attention from others. They have their reward when they get their public attention. Atheists criticizing football… Continue Reading