What is LTIA?

The Leadership Training Institute of America (LTIA) conducts regional conferences and a national conference in Washington, DC in June each year. It is a great way to see America’s capitol, develop leadership skills, learn about Biblical apologetics, meet committed Christian students, while    More…


Our Vision LTIA is changing the world and shaping the future with relevant Christian leadership applying a fully integrated Biblical world view.

Our Mission Students are trained in leadership professionalism and exceptional integrity, critical thinking skills, worldview apologetics, network influence, and community involvement.

Our History The Leadership Training Institute of America was founded in 1996 by Dr. Patrick Briney to offer Christian students Biblical world view apologetic training. As a missionary on college campuses for over fifteen years, he saw the need for preparing Christians to survive and challenge cultural and academic humanistic indoctrination.


  What We Do

  • Conduct seminars, regional conferences, and a National Conference.
  • Identify, inspire, and instruct youth for leadership training in Biblical world view leadership and apologetics.
  • Provide opportunity for bright, capable youth desiring to : 1) develop insights into conservative Christian principles, 2) excel in their academic and leadership development, and 3) advance in social and/or political leadership.
  • Create an upward, mobile leadership resource.
  • Provide training services and speakers to other organizations.
  • Aid in conference hosting and sponsorship of events.
  • Network with other organizations who are striving to achieve similar goals.


  Our Staff

The dedicated LTIA staff volunteer their time to help students fulfill their dreams and experience the fulfillment of God’s plan for their lives.   More…


Our Funding Contributions are accepted by check, money order, paypal, or direct deposit for expenses in general or for designated students. Receipt is offered upon request. The Leadership Training Institute of America, P.O. Box 885, Fayetteville, AR 72701-0885


Parent sees need for relevant Christian faith and LTIA

With the imminent beginning of the 2011 Leadership Training Institute of America (LTIA) sessions and my son Michael’s preparations for LTIA, I am reminded that I wanted to communicate to you about the great blessing that LTIA was to me last  year and how that blessing has played out. I was raised in a family that voted in all elections as a civic privilege, but   More…


Immersed in the right world view I have been involved in college ministry for over thirty years and have experienced the pressure of humanism’s attack. I have seen young people buckle under the weight of unanswered questions. I have seen young people abandon their “blind” faith for a “seeing” science. I have seen young people convert from irrational dogmatism to a reasoned   More…



LTIA honored before U.S. House and Senate

U.S. Captiol

LTIA has been honored in speeches brought before the U.S. House and Senate by several Congressmen has received commendations recorded in the Congressional Records.